27 June 2022

Hey Luv, Happy Monday!

Most entrepreneurs are uncomfortable with celebrating their small victories. It may seem trivial to celebrate something as seemingly unimportant as completing weekly tasks, for instance.

However, you’re not necessarily celebrating the achievement itself; you’re celebrating your habits. You are celebrating the good behavior and the entrepreneur you’re becoming.

If you don’t pause to appreciate your little victories – if you’re simply rushing from one task to another – then it’s easier to become exhausted and demotivated!

Small victories vary from business to business, and what may seem small to you could be huge to someone else. So take the time to pause and feel good about what you’ve just accomplished.

Celebrate your journey!

Feel the Excitement – each little win, means you getting closer to your goal. Let that thought excite you!

Treat Yourself – every achievement, regardless of the size, deserves a reward. Whether it’s going for your favorite meal, watching a fun movie, or doing some shopping, you should always take the time to reward yourself. This helps you build your motivation and keep working hard!

Share Your Wins – be proud of your achievements, and share them with fulfillment and enthusiasm. When you speak of your wins, you’re reinforcing them, and this motivates you to continue. Sharing your wins may also inspire others to reach for their goals!

Be Present – Even though you’re pursuing a future goal, don’t forget to acknowledge the here and now. These moments determine your future, so be sure to fill them with every excitement!

Every little bit counts!

I’ll talk to you soon.

Jeanetta Cardine

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