01 August 2022

Hey Luv,

I’m sure you had a great weekend and woke up refreshed and ready for another week.

You might make a great entrepreneur if you have the vision to link ideas and dots at your current employment. But frequently, individuals are too attached to the notion of having a “real job” to even consider trying independence.
Do you think you are cut out for the entrepreneurial path?

Some employees in the corporate world simply punch the clock to pay the bills. They don’t actually find happiness or fulfillment in their duties.

On the other hand, some employees take great satisfaction in what they do for a living. They don’t think twice about going above and beyond to complete assignments. One of the fundamental prerequisites for beginning anything, especially a new enterprise, is this kind of passion.

You will appreciate your own projects even more if you put all of your focus and effort into doing brilliantly at your current job. Entrepreneurs that are enthusiastic about their concepts think they can outperform the competitors in that market. In the process, they alter how we use common goods and services. If you approach business in that way, you probably will succeed more.

In the workplace, most people prefer to follow the rules and do things according to the book (aka the “yes” people). You could find it difficult to start your own business if you have to seek authorization to carry out even the simplest duties.

Even if you don’t win employee of the month, doing it alone would bring a lot of value to your product or service if you were considering new ways to complete company tasks more quickly, intelligently, and affordably. You probably have a list of things you wish to accomplish to make other people’s lives or jobs easier if you want innovation. Therefore, if you keep thinking to yourself, “There has to be,” It might be an excellent moment to launch a business if there is a better way to accomplish this.

Consumer and market expectations vary every year, and without some sort of adjustment, no firm can continue. Entrepreneurs are aware of this. They research market trends and are aware of what to construct or enhance to maintain a competitive edge. You must therefore be able to adapt fast and be at ease with change and uncertainty.

And you probably shouldn’t start your own business if you detest switching from your existing method to one that is wiser or even faster.

Keep in mind that you are not your failure. Entrepreneurs decide to make several attempts before finally succeeding. Errors in company provide an opportunity to grow and move forward. As an entrepreneur, you will succeed if you view losses as stepping stones toward your ultimate objective.

Living a life of action will always be preferable to “doing as you are told.”

So if you are wondering if you should, YES, YOU CAN!

I’ll talk to you soon,

Jeanetta Cardine

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