14 November 2022

Hey Luv,

It’s always challenging to stay motivated

Hearing how difficult the entrepreneurial journey can be may become tiresome. But, let’s face it, that’s just life. No business venture is ever simple or straightforward. This is why it’s critical to have self-motivation and a go-to ritual, method, or habit that helps you stay motivated – the majority of entrepreneurs become and remain successful this way.

The irony is that regardless of your stage as an entrepreneur, whether seasoned or just starting out, maintaining your motivation is critical. The difficulties never end. You don’t stop seeing obstacles because you’re becoming a better entrepreneur. They will always be present.

That is why entrepreneurs always do something internally productive, such as reading, exercising, practicing work-life balance, and so on, to keep themselves mentally motivated. Healthy motivational habits are what distinguish successful people.

Before I share some tips on how to motivate yourself through obstacles, consider the following sources of motivation for entrepreneurs:

1. Participate in supportive mastermind groups
When facing a problem, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share your passion and experiences can be highly beneficial. You can seek advice and support from your community. You never know what people are going to say. It could be precisely the thing you need to hear.

2. Locate your favorite motivational speakers
A Netflix and Chill session can sometimes benefit the soul, but it can also make you feel more depressed. As a result, if you’re going to listen to/watch a “show,” make it one that inspires you. Look up your top three speakers on YouTube or social media and listen to their advice.

3. Go outside
It may seem overly simple, but a simple walk outside could help reignite your flame. Did you know that a 10-minute walk can instantly improve your mood? You’ll see if you try it.

And here are 3 ways entrepreneurs can protect their mental space when faced with a problem:

1. Consider and reject
When problems arise, the first thing that happens to humans is that they panic, and their minds go haywire with a slew of negative thoughts. They allow the problem to reflect on them rather than them reflecting on the situation.

If this describes you, take this advice: the next time a problem arises, take a moment to reflect on it. Look for the lesson it contains. Consider what you can fix and what you can do about it. While doing so, reject any thoughts, feelings, or beliefs that try to divert your attention away from finding a solution. When you get too involved in a problem, you get further away from finding a solution and more profound into it.

2. React appropriately
You will have a much better response to the problem after reflecting on it and rejecting your negative opinions about it and yourself. It’s natural to react when a problem enters your life, but with practice, you can learn to transform those reactions into responses. Because you took the time to reflect and respond, you can truly create and find a solution with a clear head. Be aware of your first reactions to problems.

3. Increase your resilience

Strong resilience is the number one key to overcoming any problem or challenge. You are strengthening your mental, emotional, and spiritual strength by practicing how to reflect and respond. This is a continuous practice, but it is the most beneficial. Without resilience, that mental toughness, emotional well-being, and spiritual armor, life’s problems may overtake you rather than you overtaking them.

Make your own self-motivation list and practice the three R’s of winning to become the high-achieving entrepreneur you know you are.

To Your Success,

Jeanetta Cardine

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