11 April 2022

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Despite various debates, it is widely considered that women leaders in business have specific qualities that make them better entrepreneurs than men.

Why is that?

We don’t take unnecessary risks:
Although risk-taking is a quality of an entrepreneur, we as women, on the other hand, tend to second-guess ourselves. Although at times this may lead to hesitation, it also allows us to analyze the situations properly before taking action, instead of chasing any opportunity available to us.
Femmepreneurs are more likely to choose an appropriate course of action.

It’s okay to ask for assistance:
Oftentimes, men refrain from asking for assistance because they want to appear in control. Whereas, we are more willing to understand that asking for assistance is better than making a mistake that can damage our entire business. We are not afraid to put the needs of our business ahead of our ego, and that can make a tremendous difference.

Although women are usually considered to be more restrained than men, research suggests we are actually more determined and we pursue our goals very seriously. Perhaps because we know we will have to work twice as hard to achieve the same goals as men, when we decide to invest in a business we really want to succeed in!

Access to finance and investments are so difficult for us as women, however we are not willing to back down, even if we have fewer resources. As femmepreneurs are used to having less opportunities and money than men, we just come up with different plans and strategies to guarantee we can still reach our goals.

In the U.S., femmepreneurs are actually happier than men! As women tend to start businesses later in life, entrepreneurship provides a lot of women with the necessary flexibility to balance work and family life.

Furthermore, although we tend to have lower confidence than men entrepreneurs, once our businesses actually become successful we feel much more confident. 
By feeling more confident about our abilities to achieve our goals, our happiness and self-esteem also improve!

Isn’t Femmepreneurship a wonderful thing??

Jeanetta Cardine

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