9 March 2022

Hi Luv,

Happy Belated International Women’s Day! It seems that there are many ideas centered around females and the power they carry, in the month of March. While we are promoting the constant success and celebration of women, I do particularly appreciate and stand in solidarity with the events centered around our women.

We are them. We know them. We become them.

I do recall letting you know that I will be discussing some fun and imperative topics on our agenda today. Keeping in mind the times we are in globally and the post-COVID era. A period that yes, will be impactful in our history books some day, but are still of a difficult and peculiar nature as we find ourselves living through it.

Lets get this going then.

Here are some imperative and resourceful tips that you can use when you approach new ways of investing in yourself and the success of your business:

Finding a mentor
I know, it is the 21st century and you are gearing towards making everything tech-savvy and possibly investing in yourself by researching about your industry and becoming your own mentor. Pause please.

This sounds amazing but I just know that the execution will be filled with gaps, letting all your effort, hard work and time go to waste.
Simply, invest in having a mentor instead. They are often crucial to your business through helping you navigate rough waters and making your decision making process easier. If you believe that using an online mentor would be less complicated and allow you to work from a place of comfort, then exploring it can be an option for you. Platforms such as MicroMentor, help small businesses and start-ups connect with an online business mentor.

Prioritize networking
This topic has appeared in one of our previous conversations. Networking is not outdated and is not something that young people do in order to meet new friends. It is actually a crucial part in business. Through networking, you are able to meet potential clients and create lasting relationships.
One way of doing this, is by possibly finding a business network within your area or region and gaining information on how you could join. Through these network meetings, you are able to introduce and discuss your business with existing businesses and form relationships that will be beneficial to your business and possibly bring along collaborations.

Women-specific grants and loans
This is one that definitely catches the eye and attention of a start-up company. There are often many options available for grants and loans, if you took some time to research. Yet, they can be so overwhelming to navigate and the presence of a male might scare some female entrepreneurs away. Relax, this is why we are having this conversation. There are programs, coordinated through the SBA’s district offices, that can help women entrepreneurs get access to credit and capital as well as business training and counselling.

I am going to provide some links to websites you can check out for different needs in your business. Take a look and see how these can be beneficial to you.




Grants and Loans

Next week I will continue this conversation. I hope this is resourceful for you. I would love to hear how sharing these links and tips are helping you?

Until next time,

Jeanetta Cardine

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