21 January 2022

Happy Friday beautiful! ?

I often get so happy when this time of the week comes around. It’s the time to unwind and place down the helmet of competition.

Wait, did I say that? I mean this mask we put on from a Sunday night (as we get ready for the week ahead) and give ourselves the mandatory pep talk. The helmet that controls the way we see ourselves and others and constantly places us in a place where someone else is competition before they become a friend.

Now, before you ask yourself why I am getting this personal with you, I think it is necessary for us to identify and call out our inner competitive nature. It is something we all hone and more often than others, we put this nature on display. We do so by acting it out. We constantly put on the spectacles of making everyone else a target rather than identifying their strengths.

It is only once we understand that we are our greatest competitors and we only compete against an old version of ourselves in order to grow. Once we move through the realization of this, we truly become good at the things that set us on fire. Only then are we able to learn and grow freely.
Once we take off the helmet of competition and spectacles are we able to release control and find new ways to uncover the greatest versions of ourselves.

As you go through your Friday, I hope that you are able to loosen the bond between you and control and allow yourself to breathe and find the crevices where the best versions of yourself are hidden.

Move with grace and love over this weekend.

Jeanetta Cardine