26 January 2022

Hi Luv, Happy Wednesday!

Today I thought I would jump right into this one.
I know that we have been covering the topic of business and unpacking what you can do for your business or start-up, to make it easy. The truth is, starting a business is NOT EASY.

If you are finding this introduction a little discouraging, it means I have already got your attention and got you thinking. Yes, owning a business is a beautiful thing and so is escaping a 9-5, but I don’t believe that we always give people the straight forward answers, crucial to their development and ability to take their business from concept to execution.
Yes, we are living in a very uncertain period but this does not mean that you should not get cracking.

These are some thoughtful tips you can use when thinking about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and plunging right into your start up:

1. First concept, then design

Yes, I am certain that your Pinterest account is flooded with great templates of what you aspire your dream webpage, social media feed and even your email marketing strategies to look like, but concept first. Before attempting the fun editing, it is important that you find some paper or use a notepad on your laptop to right down the priorities for your business. These often include your visions, missions and the services you aim to offer your clients.


2. Stay consistent

This is one of the hardest things to do, you will know when you attempt a new work out routine or even waking up earlier than usual to journal or affirm yourself. These things take time and if you are not setting yourself up to win, you’ll lose the enthusiasm to continue moving. By making use of apps to track your time while you dream and plan your brand, you are setting a routine.


3. The market is not over-saturated

If you are looking at a social media account that truly sparks inspiration but has a large following, then maybe you need to spend less time scrolling through their feed for inspiration and start taking information in bite sizes. Rather find blogs, podcasts and websites that help you curate your vision and dream and tailor it to your design rather than the design of someone who already has a team juggling different tasks.

You are a force to be reckoned with and people are interested in your product, you just need to take your concept and make it a living, breathing, monetizing reality.

Yours in Business,

Jeanetta Cardine