28 January 2022

Hi Luv,

Its finally Friday! I hope you are setting yourself up for a win this coming weekend. I know that it is often hard to unwind from a hectic week and allow yourself some downtime.

I would love to remind you about the imperative nature of taking control of your thoughts. Yes, it is brilliant being able to delve into a great self-help book that is selling millions and millions of copies worldwide while the author earns her fare share thereof. Yet, how often do we steer away from the responsibility and urge to take control of our thoughts outside of those books?

I know that this is something that is happening in our current world. We are consuming mass amounts of information on how to be a better and bigger version of ourselves, and while this may be a great time for technology and information- I do believe that we have to be the captains of our own ships. Our ships representing our thoughts.

We can stay on the train of consuming information meant to aid us in being better versions of ourselves, but if we miss the train for allowing ourselves to dive deep into our emotions and understand what lies at the root of it all – we never really heal and never truly control the way we speak to ourselves. I am certain that you have heard about the phrase or seen it spread beautifully across a Pinterest image – “words become the homes we live in”.

Now I don’t know about you, but I am not about to build my home on weak, narrow-minded views and opinions that are not even my own. My home will be built on a firm foundation of strong affirmations, truthful manifestations and powerful actions that propel me into my future. Taking control of ones thoughts is not a quick fix, it takes continuous time and practice to understand why our emotions make us react a certain way and allowing ourselves to feel our way through it.

Because we live in our thoughts, handpick our experiences and the circumstances that we often encounter, we can find ways to change the way we think or see the things we go through.

This is something to think about and put into practice day by day. We do not experience an emotion because it is solely how we feel, our emotions and thoughts are connected to something that we may have experienced in the past and it has forever changed and conditioned the way through which we see and experience life.

PS. Try changing the way you see yourself when you look in the mirror. Replace the negative word overload with a positive affirmation that you have been thinking of, but have not had the gusto to say out loud.

Until next time,