24 January 2022

Hi luv,

It is Monday morning and I can already smell the glorious coffee and hear the self-help podcast playing on your way to work or possibly playing in the background as you attempt a new workout.
Speaking of podcasts – I have a question:

What Is Your Brand?

I know, I know! Right now you are probably thinking that this question is directed at a brand that you set up in order for people to buy a product from you. Yes, you may be right to some degree, but not completely. I often sift through social media to find the right people for my brand and making certain that the leads I generate from my social media, are people who are truly interested in my product.

Yet, on the other side of my professional business, there is a personal brand attached, that allows me to be equally as involved and confident enough to show up to my clients.

We all love a good podcast or book that aids us in becoming more financially invested and healthy when it comes to our money. Yet, we often remove the most crucial part – WHO WE ARE AS A BRAND.


You need to show up for yourself before you can show up for any brand. Without the time spent on working on your character, identifying your weak and most toxic areas in your life, you cannot show up for any brand. There is great power in understanding who you are and what value you bring to the table.



Yes, you are needed in spaces – spaces that you may not have imagined yourself. You need to show up in those spaces and environments without wanting to know why you were chosen. Where there is value for your gift, there is an invitation. JUST SHOW UP!



Doubt is inevitable, it is part of the journey, your journey. You are not allowed to crumble in its presence. It is your duty to stand up against it and fight for the dreams that live within you. The courage that sparks like a flame. The hunger and determination to keep showing up for your personal brand.

These are simple yet effective methods to show up this Monday, and every day thereafter. You do not need a 400 page book to give you a routine. It starts with simple tasks that you practice everyday.

PS. Continue finding podcasts that enable you to build yourself, your wealth and your health.

Jeanetta Cardine