30 March 2022

Good day  Luv,

Today, let’s talk about “bouncing back”.

Covid-19 – a virus that has shaken the foundations of our world and affected thousands of businesses and individuals. How do we bounce back from that you ask? Well let’s get into it.

First things first, start by creating a recovery plan. I know, following a global pandemic it’s not going to be an easy task especially for women, with each and every jurisdiction facing its own challenges in order to survive.
Global industries have also been greatly impacted over the past 2 years and in order to enhance local economies, these industries will be imperative for a much-needed boost.

As the situation slowly comes to an end, and gradually the world begins to settle in, various large industries will determine how quickly the global economies can recover. Women entrepreneurs must work toward recovery and achieving their goals in order to ensure that the long-term impact is not too detrimental for their businesses.

In order to bounce back from Covid-19, it is important that entrepreneurs work out how to ensure that their model remains flexible in this ever-changing business. No matter the industry, or the sector, leaders will have to take initiatives to ensure they transition their business out of the lockdown culture.

One of the most prolific ways of achieving this is to reflect on the hardships that were felt at the beginning of the pandemic and ensuring that businesses are stronger than ever before.

So, this is our time, lady! Let’s put the hardships aside and move forward with the strength and determination that we have been blessed with.

It is possible!

Talk to you soon,

Jeanetta Cardine

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