18 November 2022

Hey Luv,

Yes!! TGIF!

Although some of us shouldn’t say it aloud (because we work seven days a week), Friday is full of endorphins. In addition, working on a Friday provides a psychological slowdown to the brain, allowing the thought process to be streamlined and settled.

Even if you are a hardworking entrepreneur who works hard every day and in all weather conditions, taking a break on Friday is important. This significantly impacts your stress levels and how you plan your week ahead.

Here are 5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Expect on a Friday:

* Hang out with Friends
You may or may not have close friends among other entrepreneurs, but relaxing is vital. Friday is the best day to log off for the evening and go out. Spending time with your loved ones is also a great option if you are family oriented. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and enjoy feeling lazy outside. Have a drink, tell some jokes, and let lightness wash over you.

* Relax and Think
If you are in a position that requires you to be mentally alert, you should take a break from your workstation and find a comfortable place to sit. This could be a religious site, your own meditation spot, or even near a swimming pool — just get out there and relax with your thoughts. Consider what is pending and create a to-do list of how it should be handled. However, make it a point not to RUSH with your thoughts. Keep things simple. Breathe.

* Recognize Your Joyful State
Friday is a wonderful feeling, so make it a part of your personality. Prepare your mind to accept Friday bliss, even if it is fleeting and will fade the next day. You can still go to work on Saturday, but treat Friday as if it were your beloved. Spend at least 30 minutes each day doing something that makes you happy.

* Turn off the Worries
Yes. It’s time to reboot and relax. Turn off all of your tensions, negative thoughts, and anxieties. Make the few stress-free hours you have available count. Spend time with people who matter, especially those who don’t remind you of all the business stuff. Maintain a light and relaxed demeanor. Engage in some playful illogical banter with someone out of your league. It is beneficial and exhilarating.

* Count Your Blessings
Make good use of Fridays by introducing new ideas. Consider your accomplishments and rewards from the previous week. Always count your biggest blessings first. Flaws can then be addressed at a later date. The more upbeat you are on a Friday, the more likely you will overcome obstacles.

Friday is a good day. In so many ways, the day is simply kind. Please don’t make the day a frantic routine. Instead, enjoy your brief respite before returning to work the next day. You deserve it!

Click here and let me know how you will spend your Friday.

Have a good one!

To Your Success,

Jeanetta Cardine

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