1 April 2022

Hey Luv,

Phew, it’s been a week!
How are things going? Are you still pushing to reach your goals? Have you managed to achieve some goals you had set out for this year?

Today I want to talk about having a growth mindset.

What is a growth mindset you ask?
The term “growth mindset” is to describe our underlying beliefs and attitudes towards learning and intelligence because we have unlimited potential.

Why do entrepreneurs need to cultivate a growth mindset? A growth mindset encourages experimentation and creativity.
Creativity, innovation, and experimentation are crucial to entrepreneurship and business success, and are especially essential. We need a growth mindset to challenge ourselves, advance, and set ourselves apart.

Women entrepreneurs need to be persistent and determined. We also need to be brave enough to take risks, and staying thirsty for knowledge and development. 
In the same way, we need to be able to accept setbacks by understanding that “failures” are stepping stones, or lessons, on the way to success.

We should ask the right questions, practice, sleep, and eat well, ​and persevere. Ultimately, entrepreneurs can change specific environments and processes to influence mindsets and encourage a thirst for learning. When we do, it can lead to increased performance, motivation, and achievement.
As we know “we cannot become what we want by remaining who we are.” – Max Depree

So keep pushing, you strong woman entrepreneur, you’ve got this! Feed your mind, allow it to expand and burst with knowledge as you strive to reach even bigger goals.
And if you need an extra nudge to get there, don’t hesitate to reach out, I’ll be happy to help. 

I’ll talk to you soon,

Jeanetta Cardine

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