15 December 2022

Hey Business lady,

There are only so many ways to connect, build trust, and make that all-important first sale, regardless of your service or product. There has never been a better time to generate revenue as an entrepreneur, with billions of people using the internet and social media daily. However, if you spend time in online entrepreneurial groups, you will see the same story repeated:

Women in business who are proactive, ask questions, and seize opportunities by jumping at anything that makes money have a better chance of dominating their careers. They chase trends and shiny objects to find “the one thing” that will allow them to crack the income-generation code. You don’t have to stay in your current position in business. You can make your first six figures this year with today’s tools, technology, and access.

Here are five strategies that any entrepreneur, regardless of industry, can use to make their first six figures.

1. Create a diverse audience
Marketing your business used to be slower, more complex, and more expensive. Posting a sales message on your social media channels is now possible. However, having easy access to potential leads can make you lazy. Instead, you can get into a comfortable routine where you rely on what works.

Social media marketing is the answer for many entrepreneurs these days. Previously, it was SEO. But unfortunately, a single algorithm change could destroy your business. So, if you want to make a living from your business, you should use different strategies to build a wide range of customers.

2. Create premium products and services for every stage
You must create products and services to generate revenue, but this is more than a one-size-fits-all situation. You want offerings ranging from the most basic to the most luxurious. You may get cold traffic from someone interested but unsure; you must build trust.

A low-cost product (less than $20) is an excellent way to get them into your funnel. When someone spends money with you and receives value, they are more likely to spend again. Higher-end offerings are required for those in your audience who are ready for more advanced training.

3. Create multiple revenue streams and passive income streams
You want diverse revenue streams, just as you want a diverse audience. However, building your business around a few key clients exposes you to risk if those clients cease doing business with you.

The Information Age has arrived. Courses, coaching, consulting, paid speaking, membership websites, paid webinars, books, digital information products, and paid content creation are all ways to make money. Some of these can be passive income sources that will assist you in scaling. Being diverse is the only way to build a business that is bigger than just you.

4. Stop squandering your time
It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. You are constantly “working” on your business rather than doing the things that generate revenue. If you don’t have a plan, this “work” could be making connections or watching too much free content. As a result, you can waste days doing things that will not help you reach your revenue targets.

Make an honest assessment of how you spend your time. Make a plan for how you spend your time each day, week, month, and year. Stop taking calls from every entrepreneur who approaches you. Stop responding to every email and social media message you receive. Time is your most valuable resource; treat it as such. If you spend money on advertising, you’ll never reach the six-figure mark in your business.

5. Invest in an expert strategy
Our online access has created a false sense of connection. For example, you can contact successful entrepreneurs, but they will only share their premium content with you if you are connected.

If you can’t spend money, use the free content and return when you can. If you hire experts and put money into programs, you can get the knowledge and strategy you need to make six figures or more. Some things you simply cannot or do not understand. These factors tend to result in varying levels of growth.

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If you want to succeed, you must narrow your focus and take control of your business’s future. Make decisions that pull your dreams into reality.

I can help you with that. I work closely with all my clients by sharing tips and business strategies for them to pivot.

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Yours in Business,

Jeanetta Cardine

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